10 common misconceptions about blogging

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Many, many people judge bloggers, or blogging itself, without knowing the full story. Here are 10 common misconceptions about blogging.

1. Making money from your blog is easy.

2. Blogging is boring.

3. Bloggers have no lives.

4. You can’t make real friends through blogging.

5. Blogging is a waste of time.

6. Bloggers are all crazy.

7. If your blog doesn’t “take off” within a couple months, you should give up.

8. Blogging should be “super serious and professional all the time.”

9. You should only blog about one topic.

10. You can become a popular, paid blogger by being lazy and not doing any work.

Aaaand…here’s a *bonus* misconception for you – “Blogging can’t be a real business”. This one is really false, many bloggers actually make a living through their blogs!

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