Aug 222014

I just wanted to share some tips that have helped me really speed up my blog, this mostly just applies to WordPress. I’ve gotten huge speed increases with these tricks as you might be able to tell.

1. Trim your plugins – You only need a handful of plugins, if that. Keep them down to a minimum. Every plugin you delete makes your blog a little bit faster. Try it if you don’t believe me.

2. Keep widgets down to a minimum – You only need a few widgets on your blog, the more you have the more it slows page loading time down.

3. Turn off pingbacks.

4. Limit the number of posts on the homepage.

5. Use a caching plugin. (Wordfence is the best one I’ve ever known so far, the speed increase is huge.)

6. Compress images.

7. Limit the amount of javascript on your blog.

8. Use a good reliable web host.

9. Use a fast loading theme (Search in WordPress themes for “Responsive”, these are the fastest themes on the market.)

10. Turn off comments (unless you use them alot.)

11. Optimize your WP database with a plugin like WP-Optimize.

12. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) such as CloudFlare

These are just a few tips, there are more out there I’m sure, but these are the main ones that will help you get a faster blog!¬†Enjoy!