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That’s all you play?

Bro, you have that nice setup, but you only play Minecraft? What gives? You could be getting so much more for your money. In all fairness, Minecraft is one of the coolest games ever,...


That’s an awesome sign

It really is the best sign there is. When your swag is turned up so high that you can’t even hear yourself or anyone else anymore. Your swag is really loud. Don’t you love...


They’re all unstable

Yeah, it is true, he does hire the craziest professors. I’m not sure why. When he claims he wants “student safety” first. Good old Dumbledore, always with the antics. Source: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/35fg5m


This is so funny

Can you believe this guy did this? It’s funny but it would cause so much confusion. Source: http://memeblender.com/memes/funny-meme-mix/


Yeah, why not?

Sure, just go ahead and take a picture of him. He’ll thank you for it later. No need to be embarrassed or anything. Source: http://whyareyoustupid.com/fail-funny-meme/funny-parenting-fail-meme-jokes-2014/


Well, it’s true.

This is actually true, video games are no worse for you than t.v. is. So people need to stop getting so offended at gamers. Source: http://izismile.com/2013/08/30/funny_video_game_pictures_and_memes_that_will_20_pics.html