This is why Night Owls are awesome

I can admit, I’m like this. In the daytime, I’m usually super tired. Then, when night comes around, I’m usually super awake and just cannot sleep. It’s weird that it works out that way. I prefer being awake at night anyway. Night is awesome. So much cool stuff happens then. Don’t get me wrong, it’s… Read More »

What is it about summer?

There’s something about summer that just makes you really tired and lazy feeling. Has anyone else noticed this? I always really look forward to summer, only to find that when it gets here, I usually don’t have much energy to do anything. So I just kind of force myself to do things. I’m sure it’s… Read More »

Lost Doge

That moment where your dog is lost and you have to find him. Such trouble. Much wow. Very reward. Somebody help find this lost doge. He’s such a good boy, he just needs to have his home back. If you find him be sure to call this number as quickly as possible.