ATB – Contact Full Album Version 2014

Here is a video that I really love. First of all let me say I’ve always been a huge fan of ATB, ever since the first song I heard by him. Any reader of my blog will know that! His music is amazing to say the least. It really is the definition of trance, perfected.

It literally puts you into a dream like trance, where you feel like you float away to a different world. His music will take you into a different dimension. It’s just awesome.

This is his newest album at the time of this writing. One thing I love about him is his style doesn’t change too much, he sticks to his original awesome formula of great Trance music. This album is a clear example of how he sticks to what he does best. Vocal trance that’s super uplifting and transports you.

While I will admit, I don’t like some of these songs as much as his earlier classics, he still has what it takes to say the least. He is an amazing artist who deserves all the credit he gets. Please share!

Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow

Well the time has come for me to finally post this video. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve posted a lot of meme references to it on my blog, but I decided it’s time to post the actual, original, classic Double Rainbow video!!

It’s basically a guy who lives near Yosemite park, and sees a …you guessed it.

When we start talking about memes, this is one that comes to mind as an internet classic that has lived on over the last few years. What can I say about this one! There is so much passion and intensity, when he sees the rainbow he really loses his cool, which is understandable if it was a spiritual experience for him, as he claims.

It’s so hilarious the amount of emotions he goes through on the rollercoaster. It’s amazing. He see it and immediately starts freaking out for a few whole minutes. It’s not often that you see a double rainbow, so he really takes it as a special experience. I’ve never seen anyone else get so excited over seeing one.

This one keeps spreading around the internet. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s your time to watch it because this guy became an internet celebrity after uploading this. Please share!