The classic one and only. This is an internet favorite that has been around for a while. The good ol Troll face. Whenever you want to do an epic act of trolling just show someone this face and it will get them everytime! Just look at that face, rubbing it in, smiling like a fool. He loves making you suffer. He gets joy from your misery! What a jerk! This was originally drawn by Carlos Ramirez to portray a troll in rage comics. It originated froma ┬áDeviantArt Webcomic. It is alternatively known as “Coolface”. It went viral on Reddit in 2009 which was when it really began to spread! It will forever go down in internet history as an epic win!

I really love memes like this that aren’t overly complex or anything, not that any memes really take a lot of brain power to figure out, but I love it when they’re so simple, yet provoke so much reaction from people. Haha. We all know the feeling of getting trolled and how we get irritated, but then laugh afterwards. We’ve all probably trolled or Rickrolled someone at least once in our lives. I’ve personally done it many times, and very proud of it.

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