The classic one and only. This is an internet favorite that has been around for a while. The good old prankster. Whenever you want to do an epic prank just show someone this face and it will get them every time! Just look at that face, rubbing it in, smiling like a fool. He loves making you suffer. He gets joy from your misery! What a jerk! This was originally drawn by Carlos Ramirez. It originated from a  Deviant Art Webcomic. It is alternatively known as “Cool face”. It went viral on Reddit in 2009 which was when it really began to spread. It will forever go down in internet history as an epic win.

A great meme

I really love ones like this that aren’t overly complex or anything, not that any of them really take a lot of brain power to figure out, but I love it when they’re so simple, yet provoke so much reaction from people. Ha ha. We all know the feeling of getting trolled and how we get irritated, but then laugh afterward. We’ve all probably done it at least once in our lives. I’ve personally done it many times and very proud of it.


This is one of those pieces of internet history that must be recognized. It’s still used so much today, but nearly anyone you could think of. People will look up a way to prank someone, and they often find this face as a legitimate method. It’s no wonder this one has become notorious for getting wins. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen one of these randomly on the internet. They can pop up when you least expect. The original artist was a genius for coming up with this one.

Even though the search traffic on this one has already peaked, it continues to get a lot of searches, simply because people love it, and they want to see it a lot. People love using it to trick their friends or to show a particular reaction to a forum post or YouTube comment, or anything like that. I see references to it everywhere. And now there are so many variations, there’s even a Mexican one! I love that. I love seeing it gain so much traction and be used in so many comics, and forms. I’ve seen countless versions and spin-offs of it.

It makes you wonder how people think of this stuff. It will only keep growing from here.

this is a drawing of the Pikachu version of the trollface meme



Awesome twists

Here is a classic example of how people from all different fandoms have used it for their purposes. Seen here is the Pikachu version. I think it’s really awesome. It just goes to show the versatility. With a little artistry, you can mold it into any form you like and relate to any crowd of people. The artwork doesn’t even have to be that good to get the message across.

a naruto version of troll face



Here’s another one, made into a Naruto variation. I personally love this anime so I can relate to this one. It’s such an easy one to create new macros out of. I love it. People have really gotten creative with this.

Search interest peaked in 2012, then went down for 2013, but in 2014, it began to pick back up. It just goes to show, people are still looking for this to this day. I predict it will peak even higher within the next few years.  People don’t really search for the “Cool face” term, even though it’s one name for this. That probably won’t change. The most amount of searches has bee own for “Troll face.” This data has been taken from  Google Trends.  It seems to have been most popular on Reddit over the years, visit’s Subreddit and everything. There have even been claims of copyright infringement and everything and huge fights over it.

Widespread use

It has also been spread to many sites such as 4chan, Q.M., M. generator, as well as many notable sites. It’s also used in a situation where you would ask if someone has a problem with you. So it has also become known for the name “Problem?” It’s definitely one I will be keeping my eye on over the years to see how it spreads.

This went from being simply a funny meme, to something that says a lot about our culture today. You see kids and young people on the internet, on forums, YouTube comments, blogs, or wherever, just simply trying to play tricks on unsuspecting people. Or they’re just simply trying to start beef, so they reach for some variation of this picture and post it, thus inciting an online war of some kind. Also known as a “flame war”. People love to start fights on the internet. And what better way to do it than by trolling them in epic fashion.

So epic

I love that this has become a thing now. That’s just the awesome age we live in. I remember when trolling was just known as “being a jerk“.

I can’t even count all the times I’ve been on YouTube or a forum and seen someone doing this. People can be so hilarious. Oftentimes, the Troll is just going too far and being a jerk. But it still makes for great entertainment.

Usage across the web

Trollface has been used all over ethe internet in various places. I see it just about anywhere. Sometimes I’ll see it in a random YouTube comment. Other times, it will be on a blog. But sometimes it will be on a forum when someone is trying to Troll people.

This brings the question to mind: Why do people love to troll people so much? What is it about this hilarious prank that we love doing so much?

Is it the reaction on people’s faces? Or in the case of the internet, the words they use to respond? We might never know why people love it so much.  But I’m personally glad it’s a part of internet history. That’s that stuff I like.

The artist

The artist, Carlos Ramirez, who created Trollface, has earned more than $100,000 in licensing fees off of his comic. Also settlements and other disputes when it comes to copyright infringement, has made him a very rich man.

That’s pretty cool, I’m not going to lie. The fact that you can make a simple little drawing, using MS Paint, and end up getting rich off of it.

It just goes to show the power of monetizing internet memes and viral videos. It’s a real thing, people. The internet has become a goldmine.

Searches for Trollface declined in 2012 but have picked up in the last couple of years. That also goes to show, the fact that internet memes never really die, but they continue to grow as time goes on. Once it goes viral, it’s viral for life, and people will never really forget about it.

Just look at the Double Rainbow guy and the RickRoll, those are two prime examples of this phenomenon.

To think, all of this came about, because a comic about Trolling on 4chan. That’s pretty epic. The internet history really makes me smile. I love the internet. 4chan is awesome in a whole way of its own.

That is like the elite of the internet, along with Reddit.

This is really one of those memes, in my opinion, that will never really “die” or “get old”. Why? Because Trolling has been around almost as long as the internet has.

Why do people troll?

Trolling goes on everywhere you can think of. Everywhere from blogs to YouTube, to gaming channels, to Forums, to Imagine Boards, to meme sites. The list goes on and on.

Why do people love Trolling so much? Is it because they love the power? I believe that’s one of the reasons they love it so much.

People love the position of power they feel when they’re pushing someone’s buttons. They love to instigate and create drama.

It’s just human nature. A lot of people Troll out of insecurity or fear. They figure that picking on other people will help them feel better about themselves. Many of them are just bullies.

Still, many of them are just kids that are alone in their parents’ basement, trying to start trouble, and not really realizing the full impact of what they are doing.

Kids really don’t know any better. But the older you get,  you start to realize, is trolling really worth it? I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen some hilarious trolls out there, and they will always be a part of the internet.

Frankly, I would miss it if it were gone. I think it brings a spark to the internet that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

How much is too much?

Of course, people can really get carried away with it. I’ve dealt with some trolls that were really annoying. Right here on my blog, and on Facebook, YouTube, forums, etc.

There is such a thing as just being a pest, but a little harmless trolling here and there never really hurt anyone.

I remember when I used to troll people, just for fun. I still do sometimes. Even on my Twitter, I’ll post random jokes and funny stuff. It’s not that I’m trying to be annoying or anything, I’m just trying to make people laugh.

So there is a difference in trolling to make people laugh or doing it for the sake of starting fights. Of course the latter is bad.

The internet needs less of that. Take somewhere like YouTube, for example. As the years have gone by, the trolling levels have increased, thereby decreasing the user experience by a fraction.

YouTube is still awesome, and it always will be, but it would be better without people starting flame wars and whatnot.

It’s meant to have fun with, just like everything else on the internet.


Trolling started out on the internet, as someone who starts arguments or upsets people online by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community. (Source:

However, in recent years, the term trolling has spread to include acts of trolling offline too, such as on the news or in public.

However you slice it, in most cases, it’s just flat-out being a jerk. However, the use of the word “Trolling”, is subjective.

What do I mean by that? Well, to one person, the very post you’re reading right now could be Trolling, to another person, it could be a legitimate article dissecting the topic.

I’m being authentic

I assure you, I don’t really mean this post to get on your nerves, I’m just using it as an example. In most cases, only the author of a piece of online content will know whether they are trolling or not. But let’s face it, we’ve all seen a forum post or YouTube video that we suspected of being trolls.

People just love to have fun with other people, even at their expense. As far as online posts go, anything controversial will usually attract a great response from online users.

So that’s the main reason people do it, for attention. Why else would you do it? That’s the reason people do it offline, too.

As far as online trolling, usually, the Trollface image, or some variation, is used to play a prank on someone, very similar to RickRolling.

The word “Trolling” can actually be taken out of context and used to refer to anyone who disagrees with anyone else in an online post.

Which isn’t technically correct. If that person had no intent to start an argument or fight but was simply having a discussion, then they themselves would not actually be considered a troll, but simply a person with a legitimate argument in a discussion.

The origin

The original meaning of the word meant a dwarf or a giant, which in many cases, was someone who caused trouble, so it’s easy to see why we throw the word around so much nowadays.

Farhad Manjoo claims that trolls, if they are actual ones, are a lot more intelligent than people would believe.

Which I would have to agree with. If you’re able to cause a ruckus, or play a legit prank on someone online, you have to be pretty intelligent, and actually know what you’re doing.

If not, you could actually end up looking pretty stupid. Which nobody wants of course.  trolling may also refer to a fishing technique, but we’re talking about on the internet in this case.

Some people claim trolling originated on the Internet in the 1980’s while others say that it actually started on Usenet in the late 1990’s.

Nobody really knows the origin. In the Usenet days, it started out more as an inside joke type of thing, but nowadays, we all know internet trolls to be pretty upfront and blatant about their harassment techniques.

I’m kind of glad trolling got started to be honest. Why would anyone be happy about that? Because in many cases, it leads to serious internet discussions of issues that need to be addressed. Sometimes things need to really be dissected and talked about in a deep fashion, in order for us to raise our awareness.

The funny side of it

Even if someone’s just being a total jerk, it can lead to some really funny arguments. Trolling, after all, is just another form of entertainment.

And what would the internet be without some good old entertainment? That’s one of the main reasons most of us use the web, is to laugh or be entertained.

No matter where you go, though, you will inevitably end up seeing some trolling going on at some point if you haven’t already. It happens all the time.

The spread of it has been crazy, ever since it has had so many variations created. It has even gotten to the point where some large corporations utilize trolls to manipulate public perception, as part of marketing campaigns.

That shows the powerful nature of it. Psychological studies claim that people who are trolls tend to show dark personality traits such as antisocial behavior and even psychopathy.

As you can imagine, most trolls will end up saying something to someone else, over the internet, that they wouldn’t actually say in person.

Many of them are just kids, sitting in their parents’ house or in their basement, just trying to get a rise out of someone.

It’s important not to take it so seriously when you encounter one. Being on social media, I deal with them all the time.

If you really want the easiest way to deal with trolls, it’s simply to ignore them. That works best. Unless you actually want to enter the battle. In that case, good luck.

Trolling can be linked to bullying, and in many cases, the goal of the person is just to make the other person seem very unintelligent or otherwise make a fool of themselves. Trolls are generally just out for themselves and to start disturbances which they have no intention of fixing.

Like I said, though, some are harmless pranksters.

Should we spread it?

Is trolling something we really need to be teaching kids, though? Think about it. Do you want your kid to be going around in forums, starting fights with people?

Where is the line that determines whether it’s a harmless prank or harassment? This could differ, depending on who you ask, of course.

Internet trolling has actually lead to adolescent deaths, simply by the fact that they were bullied, so they committed suicide.

That’s clearly a case of the whole thing going too far. Alexis Pilkington is a prime example. She was referred to as a “suicidal slut” even after she committed suicide. Her Facebook wall was plastered with hate messages.

People really can be cruel. Even investors have been subject to trolling. It goes on and on. I personally feel like harmless trolling should be allowed, if it’s all in good fun.

Something like RickRolling, for example, really hurts no one, and there’s nothing wrong with it. When pulled off correctly, it actually turns out being hilarious.

I used to RickRoll my then best friend back when it first started becoming popular. It was really fun, getting him to click on various links in emails and whatnot.

What a gag

Back then, it was basically the two of us, sitting in my apartment, pranking each other. That’s what it’s all about. That’s keeping the true, fun aspect of it alive. There’s no harm in that.

Because us doing that to each other would have never led to suicide. However, there is a difference between RickRolling someone, and telling them to go commit suicide.

The latter, obviously, should never happen. There are so many kids that use the internet nowadays. What if there was a way to filter out all of the true Trolls?

I don’t know of a way to do that.

The official definition of internet troll, according to this site, is “To post deliberately inflammatory articles on an internet discussion board.”

So what we’re talking about here, is someone who is purposely setting out to make trouble and start “beef” with someone else.

Something which we’re seeing more and more of on social media. Facebook is a great example. How many times have you seen someone post a hateful remark on the comments of someone’s post? It happens all the time.

I’ve had to defriend people several times for doing that. Probably dozens of times. I can’t count the number of times I have post something on social media, which in most cases was uplifting and motivational, only to have someone sit there and hate on it and post something hateful, trying to start trouble with me.

The best way to deal with Trolls, is always, just to ignore them. You will never get anywhere by entering into a battle with them. Because they simply will never quit. Even if you best them, they’ll get mad and offended and keep the fight going.


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